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Innovations for road and rail

ebm-papst has been a much-sought-after engineering partner in the automotive and railway engineering industries for many years and in Formula 1 since 2014. Naturally the experience we have been able to accumulate in the F1 world championship winning team of MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS flows into all our new developments. And is integrated into countless applications in trucks, coaches, buses and rail-bound transport systems.

For example, they provide higher safety as the highly dynamic drives in assistance systems. As efficient and whisper-quiet fans, they deliver the perfect room climate at the press of a button. They take care to ensure thermo-management of countless numbers of electronic components. And they open the door for you as you arrive in the train at your destination.

Our fans and drives stand up to very high loads, for example the rapid temperature changes encountered in long railway tunnels. Other equally important characteristics include impact and vibration resistance and electromagnetic compatibility. Life is even harder for certain components: they must defy corrosive liquids such as petrol, refrigerants or battery acid – and continue to do so over the whole life of the vehicle.

Whether it is comfort, safety or hundredths of a second that matter: ebm-papst is the reliable partner for every challenge in every vehicle.

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